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7 Non-stop Hours At Fashion Week And That's How I #OwnThose5Days


If you have ever wondered as to how does one make their way to Fashion week, attend and review back to back designer shows, and most importantly, how does one dress up all during that time, then you are just at the right place! Fashion weeks are one of the most exciting times of the year in a blogger’s calendar. It isn’t about what you wear, but it is about devoting time, studying changing trends, discovering exciting collections, preparing for the season ahead and finally coming back and writing about it. Here’s my little story on how I swiftly cruised through my most important 7 hours of the day during that time of the month and how I #OwnThose5Days perfectly

Ever since I got into this business of blogging, I was so fascinated by what it would be like to attend such prestigious event, alongside some of the most renounced people in the fashion world. Fashion Week takes place twice a year, bringing us new trend forecast for the coming season. This time during the very first day of the fashion week, I felt terrible stomach cramps only to realize that my menstrual cycle had begun and would last about as many days as the event! For me, it’s that time of the year when I get business; publicize my entrepreneur role only to keep my start up going. When it comes to choosing a sanitary napkin, it is extremely imperative to go for the one that that is meant to last you all day, for heavy flow days and for lighter days. My all New Whisper Ultra empowered me to unstoppable by providing long lasting superior protection. And there I was, channeling my modern Indian vibes doing what I do best- blogging and covering fashion week on the go!

The fact that I was on my period and still attended the fashion shows like a true fashion blogger is exciting in itself. Being able to run around in my favourite heels despite going through that time of the month makes me feel like a winner in my own little world! Now I'd like to call myself an Ultra girl maybe because I don't choose to give up and continue to stay driven despite the consequences. 

Now there is no need to take a pause because you too can become unstoppable and make most of those 5 days if you do it right! Here’s what inspired me to become an Ultra girl and to #OwnThose5Days…

I love how Whisper is encouraging women  to break away from all stereotypes and taboos associated with periods with this powerful video.  Just like Ashwini Ponnappa, Anahita N. Dhondy, Ayesha Aziz, every ultra girl must realize that we need to have an unstoppable attitude on all 30 days of the month and not pause or hold back on those 5 days.  Chase your dreams!

Do share your thoughts on how would you #OwnThose5Days by sharing an image of you holding a placard with the above hashtag or leave a comment below!

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