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Shocking Things You Should Know About Hrithik Kangna Love Affair And Breakup!


Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut's love story is getting murkier and uglier by the day. What could have been a sweet love story has turned into mud slinging Legal Battle. So here we tried to decode the whole Love Affair from its very beginning till the end.

via TOI

1) Beginning of Friendship:

Hrithik and Kangana started out as a friends during the shooting of Kites in 2009 as both were going through a rough patch, in each of their lives. Hrithik’s marriage with Sussanne was on the edge of divorce and also his relationship with his ‘Kites’ co-star, Barbara Mori, was not working out.

2) Getting Stronger and Closer:

Unhappy in both their lives the two found solace in each other’s company and grew closer to each other. In fact, it was Hrithik who approached and convinced Kangana for his home production Krrish 3. Initially Kangana refused to do the movie as she was getting uncomfortable with the attention but after 6 months she agreed to do it.

3) Secret Relationship:

Kangana finally caved in to the attention and advances of married Hrithik and they started a relationship after Hrithik confided her that he and his wife Sussanne slept in separate bedrooms. But Kangana could never talk about the relationship openly and had to keep it a secret as Hrithik had told her categorically that he would never divorce Sussanne.

4) Announcement of Divorce and the Proposal:

Things started turning in Kangana's stride and she saw a silver lining in their relationship when Hrithik and Sussanne officially announced their divorce to the world.  Once the divorce was announced  and they separated,  Hrithik proposed to Kangana in Paris within a month.

5) Hrithik ignored Kangana:

In 2014 when Hrithik started shooting for Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif, he started ignoring Kangana totally! This was the same time when he was linked with Katrina.

6) Success of Queen :

Nursing her broken heart and the ignore she got from Hrithik, Kangana diverted her attention to work and the applaud she got for her performance in the movie Queen. After the success Hrithik started pursuing Kangana again assuring that all is well.

7) Possessiveness and Insecurity:

Though both Kangana and Hrithik got back together and started seeing each other again, Hrithik started becoming insecure and overtly possessive about his lady. He is said to have even hired a man to keep an eye on Kangana all day.

8) Final Straw:

All this jealousy and possessiveness was too much to take for Kangana and she had enough of Hrithik. And rumors even suggested that it was because of Hrithik that Kangana was asked to walk out of Aashiqui 3.

Clearly, things were already ugly between Hrithik and Kangana and now, they've turned uglier with all the Legal notices and blame games. Read how Kangana Can get Hrithik jailed for 10 years.

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