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Oh No! Ankita Asked Sushant To Move Out


Sushnat Singh Rajput And Ankita Lokhande's separation is the latest breakup to have rocked the Bollywood fraternity. So much has been written, speculations, rumors et all. Ankita lately wrote on twitter clearing the air about her feelings for Sushnat saying that she still loves him and that these are just rumors and nothing else.

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There have been reports that many people have seen Sushant at the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu where he is said to be presently staying. We all are curious to know why is he living out of a hotel if all is well between the couple?
Reports reveal that the actor had to move out of the house that he shared with Ankita as it's registered under her name.A Source said "The Bandra apartment that Sushant and Ankita lived in, belongs to her. She asked him to move out. Sushant had no choice to do so. So he moved far away from Ankita's radius to Juhu."

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