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5 Simple Tips to Buying Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type!


If you come in the larger segment of women out there—at least, the ones I have met—you’ll most likely agree with the emotion that, by and large, shopping for jeans is usually not a very pleasant experience. This can simply happen because of the inability to find just the right fit, or a pair of denims that dont’ highlight the muffin top or the ones that slip in easily on our thighs (at worst).

Luckily, today I have got some genius tips for making the whole jean shopping experience more friendly and positive.

1. Go for fit over labels
When it comes to flares, some denims flare out a bit more and some flare a lot hence keep in mind that boot-cut jeans differ in every label. Try as may labels as you want and go in for a pair of jeans that flatter your body type.

2. Focus on the fit from the back
Every time you try on a pair of denims, don’t just get satisfied with how the jeans look from the front. The backside is just as important and the level of your comfort can be judged from how the jeans fit on your butt.

3. Say yes to a distressed jeans
Get a pair of distressed denims that are bleached, faded or torn on the knees incase you have heavier thighs. This bleached spot will make it the focus of attention thus taking away from your problem area (if any) plus these look stylish too.

4. Get use to choosing a rise that fits you best
The rise of a pair of jeans refers to where the waistband sits on your body hence basis how your muffin top is, or love handles appear, select you rise. The 3 mot preferred rise are- low rise that sits on the hips roughly 2" or more below the navel, then there is mid rise perching on the hip bone just below the navel, and lastly, high rise that will sit at or above the navel.

5.  The wasitband
If gaping is a problem, then look for a waistband that's higher at the back.

Next time you buy a pair of jeans, just remember these points and you'll soon be strutting it out in your denims! Also, I am wearing Aeropostale India's skinny denims. Do check out their collection on 

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