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Avene Eau Thermale Emulsion SPF 50+ Product Review, Price In India


Sunscreen is a must in every season, I swear by it and have always been preaching to my family, friends and co-workers the benefits of wearing sunscreen. But there still are an alarming amount of people who brave the UVA rays without applying sunscreen. In fact even if you’re indoors, chances are there’s a UV rays  which can damage the epidermis of your skin. Sunburn isn’t the only side effect from an overexposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Other serious health problems can arise from sun exposure, including premature aging of the skin, eye damage such as cataracts, suppression of the immune system, and even skin cancer. Further damage from the harmful UVA rays from the sun can lead to Skin cancer. So, its not  “okay” to skip it.

I received Eau Thermale Avene, The Very High Protective Emulsion SPF50+ through mail. And from the looks of it the product looks quite appealing and useful.  

The Sunscreen comes in an Orange color box packaging which has a lot of information and details like Ingredients,tips for sunbathing etc on it. Inside the box, the sunscreen emulsion is present in a squeezable tube with a pump dispenser covered by a plastic cap. This type of design is extremly travel friendly and easy to handle and use.

The products is priced at INR 1375 for 50 ml emulsion. 

It is especially formulated for Hypersensitive skin or skin that has prolonged exposure to sun. It covers a very broad spectrum UV protection using a combination of exclusive exclusive ingredients. It has SunSitive protection® from Pierre Fabre Research. Its photoprotective complex is stable and effective for extended periods. It contains Pre-tocopheryl, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin cells from damaging. It also has Avene Thermal Spring Water which has soothing and anti-irritant properties. Its clear and light on skin and mattifies the skin evenly.The product is Dry touch and water resistant as well.

First Impression
The sunscreen emulsion is white in color, has a pleasant fragrance. The consistency is quite light almost feather like and leaves no white residue on the skin when applied, rather it gives a coverage like a CC cream. It is neither oily or greasy. The product blends into the skin and gets absorbed in few seconds. The emulsion is very long lasting as well.

Good quality
Chemical free
Non Greasy
Long lasting
Sweat Proof
Water resistant
Light on skin
Great Coverage

Expensive but then again, a good sunscreen is an investment! 

Will  I buy it again
I will, as sun screen is like a very investment for all season especially the harsh summers. It is a little expensive but then again i love my skin more than anything else. And for me Skincare comes first. And this product prevents tanning and sunburn very effectively.


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