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Braun Silk Epil 3 Epilator For Legs And Body Review, Price In India


Hair removal is a process that every girl undergoes almost every month. Some prefer the traditional waxing , some easy and quick shaving. Then there are Epilators. An Epilator is a device that removes hairs from the root through the spinning of tiny metallic/ceramic tweezers.So it’s similar to waxing, meaning that the hair is removed from the root.The results are smooth soft skin that stays that way for at least two weeks. And there’s nothing incredibly complicated about using an epilator. It’s a pretty intuitive process too.

The Packaging of Braun Silk epil 3 epillator for legs and body is quite sturdy with the focus on the product - The Epilator. It comes with an adapter as it is not battery operated. It comes with a 2 years warranty . It has 20 tweezers over the epilator head for better removal of hair. It has two heads, the epilator head and the tweezers head. The tweezers head is removable for easy cleaning of the epilator. It also comes with a small brush to clean the epilator after depilation. It has a Smart light that reveals even the finest hair and also comes with a Massaging rollers and stimulates the skin.

My Take
The price is a little high it costs Rs 3750. But you pay for it only once and then use it for at least 3-5 years. I was impressed by how convenient the epilator is! Waxing was too tedious since I need to grow out the hair to a certain length and endure the pain of molten wax! So unless the hair is not long enough for waxing one has to wait for them to grow and risk showing body hair in the summer. Another thing about epilators is that this hair removal method makes hairs grow thinner but that only happens in time, after many many epilation sessions. The fact that the results are pretty long lasting, as compared to shaving, is the biggest advantage, from my point of view.If you find that beauty salon waxing is too expensive for your budget and if you can’t manage to wax at home but you want something that lasts as much as waxing then it’s time to try an epilator.

How to Use
  • You must exfoliate before each hair removal session.
  • The epilator must be kept at a 90 degrees angle, which is in fact the natural way of holding it.
  • Epilate against the direction in which the hair is growing.
  • Move the epilator slowly, don’t rush it, have patience if you don’t want to break the hairs instead of having them pulled from the root.
  • Tips for reducing the pain.
  • The skin is going to be a little red so it’s best to epilate at night.
  • A clean epilator is a must.
High Points
  • Epilators are easy to use in the comfort of your own home whenever you feel like it . 
  • Since these devices last a long while, the majority exceed the life granted by the 2-year warranty so they are a great investment.
  • They remove hairs from the root so you get a smooth body at least 2 weeks
  • Epilators aren't messy, just choose a towel , lay it on the bed and use the epilator while sitting on it. So it's comfortable to use.
Low Points
  • Epilation is painful because hairs are removed from the root (just like waxing)
  • Only about 95% of hairs are removed, the really tiny and fine ones are not all grabbed by the tweezers.
  • It’s a liitle time consuming as its not as fast as shaving or hair removal creams but the smooth silky stays that way longer.
Overall Verdict
Epilators are becoming quite popular, but I still think that each person should choose and stick to the hair removal method that makes them feel comfortable and happy.If you can't tolerate pain at all stick to shaving or hair removal creams. If you want longer results choose epilation or waxing. But remember shaving can leave a dark shadow on your skin. Same is the case with hair removal creams; they can cause dark underarms to many people with sensitive skin when used on underarm as Hair removal cream has chemicals that can burn the top layer. With the epilator, hair grow out at a slower pace. I'm sticking to epilators from now on especially in the indian summer heat.

I would rate it a 3.5/5.

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