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Donning A ‘Strong’ First Impression!


I remember how interviews for a fashion job use to be nerve-wracking back in my college days! Apart from trying to have the most perfect resume, I use to give utmost importance to the wardrobe, which by the way plays a major role in one’s professional life. A few wardrobe tweaks can help your confidence elevate and help you introduce yourself in a firm way. Over the years, I have come to a conclusion that ‘power dressing’ is the answer- breaking norms, accessorizing right can help you get your dream job or the big break...

It isn’t always about white crisp shirts and those boring trousers, for your very first impression you should channel the fiercely sharp businesswoman in yourself.  Of course you need to be yourself and be comfortable in your style but ditching the comfort zone can lead you to a career that you have always dreamt of. 

A good interviewer is going to be able to see right through someone hence it’s essential to put together an outfit that is thoughtful, neat and reflect your personal style. A statement watch tells one that you have a prominent taste level regardless of what labels you choose to wear. A bold coloured jumpsuit in black when paired with a pastel coat can become your influential outfit for your big day. A metal timepiece with rose gold accents and Swarovski crystals tailor your look creating an overall aesthetically pleasing outfit. 

This watch from Casio’s Sheen collection is for a woman who sticks to classics with one edgy piece added into the mix. An accessory like this rose gold watch acts like a differentiator yet adding a authoritative component to your personality. It's impossible for this blend to fail you & the watch just made it all better.

Make your outfit speak volumes about you by checking you this time piece here and yes, always remember that you're there because of your resume, skills and background more than anything else in this world.

Good luck to you girls!

Location courtesy Smokehouse Deli

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