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How To Find Your Signature Red Lip Lipstick For Your Skin Tone


If you are like me who have longed for that perfect classic red lipstick and have tried on about a million different shades only to ultimately decide none of them are “your color.” This can pose a bit of a challenge and we tired of our friends flaunting their signature red lips. Just like all foundations, you have to take into consideration your coloring and skin tone. Her's a quick guide to the kind of red color you should opt for as per your skin tone.

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For Fair Skin Type
If you have fair sin then Coral and blueish-pink-based reds will complement the pink undertones of your complexion. These colors look fresh and bright when mixed with fair skin. Try lipsticks that are bold red with a touch of coral undertones.

For Medium Skin Type
Medium skin types can be further divided into Olive and Gold Yellow undertones. If you’ve got olive skin try browner and brick reds to complement olive shades. The brick reds wash out lighter skin tones and tend to get lost on darker skin tones. For Gold-Yellow skin tones wear a lot of different types of colors like orange-y reds to dark deep blackberry shades, the skin will always look healthy and glowing.

For Darker Skin Type
Darker skin types must never buy bold cherry reds rather go for colors with a hint of brown, burgundy reds or deep maroon reds. For a little bit of a pop one can go in for orange-reds like tangerines.

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  1. Very informative article!
    Thanks to give idea to apply lipstick perfectly according skin tone. I purchased red colour dress from Zurova that i will wear at my birthday party. So, earlier i had requirements some makeup tips specially for lips. But now i got tips to apply lipstick :)
    Again Thanks Divya