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OMG! Was Pratyusha Banerjee Pregnant?


There are many rumors that have come up after Pratyusha Banerjee's suicide. But now, a new report has come that will complicate things! The leading newspaper Mid Day has reported that Pratyusha could have been pregnant. According to the newspaper a group of surgeons including Dr. Bale Patil and Dr Prashant Waghmare, conducted an autopsy where it was revealed that traces of thick fluid was found in the uterus that could be an indication of an early stage of pregnancy. Police surgeon Dr. SM Patil was quoted saying, "The fluid has been preserved and sent for histopathology tests, to confirm pregnancy and to rule out infection within the uterus.” Dr Yogeshwar S Nandanwar, Professor and Head of the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, LTMG Medical College, also said, “The presence of the fluid could indicate either early stage of pregnancy or infection. Usually, apart from the thickening of the endometrial wall, a sack is visible within four to five weeks if it’s pregnancy, but if the sack is not seen, then only a histopathology test can confirm pregnancy."

There is no confirmation yet till the reports are out.

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