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Pratyusha Suicide Case: Building Footage Shows Rahul Trying To Revive Pratyusha!


The Pratyusha Banerjee suicide shook the TV industry and all her fans. While police is trying to figure out whether it is murder or suicide, a new clue has been traced in Pratyusha's case. The manager of the society in which Pratyusha lived with her boyfriend elaborated on the visuals of CCTV camera of the society.

Mr. Suryavanshi the society manager said," The building CCTV has Rahul taking Pratyusha in the lift after she hung herself. He is seen reviving her by blowing air into her mouth. The wound is also visible on Pratyusha body".

He also told that how Rahul's ex- girlfriend created the scene and she had threatened Rahul and hit Pratyusha once.

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