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Sharad Is Not Comfortable To See Divyanka In Vivek's Company!


Sharad and Divyanka dated for 8 years but sadly parted ways in May 2015. Vivek and Divyanka are shooting for their respective serials and coincidentally Sharad is also present on that set to shoot for his new serial Kasam, infact their vanity vans are also parked right next to each others. Divyanka was shooting at SJ studio for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Vivek was shooting for his upcoming serial Kavach. A source close to SpotBoye said," Ssharad is visibly upset and uncomfortable" The source also added," "He was fine till now--- but ever since Divyanka's set shifted here, he tends to lose his cool over small things. It's not that they can't face each other, they did meet each other at the BCL (Box Cricket League)--- but seeing her every day in Vivek's company is not proving easy for him."

But we thought the separation was mutual. People move on so should he! And should stop being uncomfortable arnd his ex.

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