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3 Years Of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani And We Wish It Had These Deleted Scenes


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has been one of those youth oriented films which actually made us want to live life to the fullest and follow our dreams. It made us realize that even though you can’t have everything in life, you should always be happy with what you’ve got. It taught us that, no matter what, love was, is and will always be supreme in our lives! So on the movie’s third anniversary, let’s go back to a few deleted scenes from the film and relive how we felt the first time we watched it!

1. When Naina Goes Grocery Shopping With Her Mom
This scene is so relatable. All Indian moms do this whenever they drag us grocery shopping!

2. When Bunny And Naina Spent The Night In The Train
Bunny is lost in his thoughts and then Naina approaches him in the middle of the night…What happens then?

3. When Aditi Breaks Down Infront Of Naina
Because friends will ALWAYS be there for you. This scene is the perfect bestie scene we wish hadn’t been deleted!

4. When Bunny Meets Naina’s Mom
Bunny never meets Naina’s over protective mother in the film, but in this one he meets her and it’s an awkward but extremely funny encounter!

5. When Bunny and Naina Talk About Families
This scene is super sweet. Bunny opens up about his father to Naina and what she tells him will melt your heart!

6.  When They looked Absolutely Made For Each Other
You’ll have to watch this one till the end because it is just way too cute. Also, we love how gorgeous Naina looks in this scene!

Love this film to bits!

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