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These EyeLiner Hacks Are Going to Make Your Life Super Easy!!


When we get made up eyes are the most beautiful and important part of our face and we never forget to enhance them Do we? Today, we give you some super easy tips that will you be the make up diva and will also save time on your morning routine.

Not everyone has a steady hand with a liquid eyeliner just trace your eye with  a pencil liner beforehand.Below we have our very own MissGuiltyBytes with On Fleek Eyeliner!

Use a white eyeliner before applying your eyeliner as it will make the color look more bold and visible.

Burn the tip of your Eyeliner with lighter or a match to have your very own DIY Gel EyeLiner

Getting the perfect liner seems a hassle? Then just make small dots and connect them.Like in childhood.

Smudged your EyeLiner? Just cover it up with some Nude skin colored eye pencil.
To get the perfect flick just use tapes or a card to get them both equal.

Use white eyeliner in the waterline so it creates the illusion of larger eyes.

Easy as apiece of cake isn't it...nah!!!

All images via Pinterest

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