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Right Steps To Remove Eye Make-Up !!!


When we get up in the morning 80% of the time we still have traces of our make-up from last night especially around our eye area. The smudges of left over kajal is all over our water line and eyelids. According to the experts there are 3 super easy steps to remove complete eye make-up in seconds:

#1 Face Wash Is No Help
Face wash cleans your face not your eyes. Your eyes are not supposed to get in touch with soapy water hence a face wash can never cleanse your eye make-up.

#2 Use Wipes
Use a wet wipes on your eyes first. It will get rid of half the eye make-up instantly and allows your skin to breathe as well. Remember don’t rub it just swipe from your eyes.

#3 Make-Up Remover
Dab your make-up remover on the cotton-ball and use it extremely carefully on your eyes. Take care of the fact that you don’t get it inside your eyes as it may end up causing irritation and burn your eyes.

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