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6 Hangover Makeup Hacks You Should Know!


A boozed night out with friends is fun, but the next morning is a challenge! You look like a mess, feel drowsy and heavy the whole day. Whether its Coffee or headache pill or even a few pints of water , they just wouldn't make you look normal if you have a long day at work . So we have rounded up a few of our favorite hangover beauty antidotes to help you feel and seem human again...

Scrub it out
Wake up, energise and cleanse the skin with a gentle scrub. Why? To remove the dead alcohol damaged skin cells , unclog pores and help boost circulation. 

Hydrating Mask
After cleansing it's vital to restore the skin's hydration levels as drinking leads to severe dehydration which in turn causes dry, irritated, dull and puffy skin. Use a good hudrating mask and your skin will feel softer, calmer, smoother, brighter and plumper. You can also massage a serum into the skin for an extra oomph of hydration. 

After you've treated your skin follow up with a moisturizer. Use a lightweight moisturiser that deeply hydrates the skin. The smoothing moisturizer will absorbs into the skin thereby helping to retain moisture. It will be a great base for makeup.

BB/CC Cream
If your complexion is looking a little grey add a touch of color back into your skin by blending a little BB/CC cream in with your moisturizer. It will give the needed sun kissed glow. 

Use a white or light eyeliner to really make your eyes pop or hide the hungover tired eyes.

Use Mascara & Concealer
Finally skip foundation as dehydrated skin doesn't require foundation, but apply mascara and a little concealer if need be. The Concealer tackles any discolouration (a.k.a wine-induced blotchiness) whilst optically blurring dark circles with clever light-blurring pigments. It will also help the under eye area appear less puffy thereby giving the face a natural, brightening finish. 

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