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BREAKING! Salman Khan Takes The Final Decision On Arijit Singh’s Song In Sultan!


Salman Khan doesn't seem to be in any mood to forgive Arijit Singh. As per sources of Bollywoodlife people close to the actor revealed despite having read Arijit’s apology note, Salman has no sympathies for the singer. In fact, Salman doesn’t even want his song to be a part of Sultan, as mentioned by Arijit in his sorry note. Well, turns out that the decision is final. 

We’ve just got to hear that Salman along with the makers of Sultan have collectively decided to NOT include Arijit’s song in Sultan. Yes! Whether Arijit plans to visit Salman’s house for forgiveness or tries to convince him through social media, the decision is not going to change as everyone’s clear that there’s no place for Arijit in Sultan, asserts the source.
We feel sorry for Arijit Singh but we all know very well that Salman has never been the forgiving kinds. We almost saw that coming!

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