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Crazy Trend Alert: Feet Contouring is Happening For Real


Contouring is said to make your face look thinner and more symmetrical. It's become so popular that searching for 'contour tutorial' on YouTube gives you about thousands of such videos. Off late we have seen women use makeup to contour even their neck to make it look narrower. But we are particularly baffled by the newest iteration of the trend: Foot contouring.

Instagram account LiveGlam last week uploaded a short video tutorial on how to contour your feet in order to make them appear slimmer and supposedly more appealing. In the video, a dark shade is carefully painted on toes, faking a new bone structure to make them look skinnier and more dainty. Once it's blended, the look is completed with a touch of highlighter.  The video then shows the feet before and after, with barely a noticeable difference between the two. This video has been liked more than 7,200 times and generated more than 11,100 comments.
While we could maybe faintly see this technique coming in handy in some photo shoot, it seems quite unrealistic for the ordinary woman who are still struggling to master or even learn face contouring. The question remains if we want the feet to look appealing why cant we just get them pedicured rather than waste our time and effort?

Take a look at the crazy video and decide for yourself do you really need it???

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