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3 DIY Buns To Wear To Your Office!!!


We know that the working girls are always looking out for something new to try out at work but one has to admit that wearing formals do get a bit monotonous after a time. In Summers we always like to tie our hair so that they don’t get in the way and save us from feeling more hot. Today, we get you some pinspirations on how to make your locks look fashionable at all times which by the way, will also keep your hair in place and suit your office environment as well.

#1 The Messy Bun
Super easy to make, not only does it save tons of time but also looks trendy. The messy bun gives a light feel to your look and doesn’t give you a strenuous headache of having hair tied up the whole day long.

#2 Braided Buns
This is a normal bun with just few braids in it. It gives the old plain bun some new twist. It looks good because it has intricate details but the winner here is that it will not take you not more than 3 minutes to accomplish it.

#3 The Half Up-Do Buns
Part you hair from the crown area and make a bun,  leaving the rest of your luscious lock free. The half up-do will work great both for office and a party afterwards as well.

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