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4 Hacks To Bid Farewell to Frizzy Hair!!


Summer heat tends to make our hair dry and frizzy. Try as much but we cant ignore the frizziness in this summer .But today we tell you super easy DIY hacks to get rid of dry hair which you can do at your place.

#1 Coconut Oil
Main cause of frizziness is actually dryness of hair and coconut oil moisturizes our hair and scalp deeply. As its high on magnesium it also helps in hair growth.

#2 Banana
Banana’s contain Vitamin B6 which prevents hair loss. Just mash the banana’s in a bowl and add some lemon juice in it to give it some consistency and apply to your hair and the shampoo it off.

#3 Olive Oil
Olive oil can be used as the alternative for hair mask. Just massage it in your hair and towel up your hair  leave it on for 15 minutes. Then shampoo of your hair no need to condition it further.

#4 Sugar Water
Take a glass of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of sugar and just dab it on a towel and rinse your hair with it. This one is a quick fix.

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