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Event: Olaplex India Blogger's Meet!


After winning hearts world over, Olaplex, the revolutionary and immensely popular hair repair treatment has made its entry to New Delhi at Looks Salon.  Team Guiltybytes was invited to attend the event and to experience their wonderful products. Developed in US all the top hairdressers of famous Hollywood celebrities swear by their products. Olaplex is known as the " Insurance For Hair".

Olaplex can be use as a pre- treatment called the stand alone treatment to restore hair's elasticity and strength before after straightening, ironing, blow drying, curling or even before a normal wash.It can also be used with perm, bleach, color. toner and gloss to give hair folliciles increased protection against damage that may result from coloring or lightening treatments. 

Check Out The Photo:

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Olaplex is suitable for all hair types and the conditioning works from within and repairs the damaged hair. It is not a conditioner, unlike other conditioners that are cosmetic. It works intenally to repair the damaged hair.It can only be purchased by Looks salons. 

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