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Creative Ways To DIY Your Denim Shorts!!


We girls can’t live without or favorite pair of denim shorts in the summer. They are our Go-To Outfit not just because they look super cut but also because they are extremely comfortable. But the denims can get boring at times, isn't it? But hey, we have a creative solution to that as well. Just get your creative juices flowing and get ready to do some DIY hacks which will make your shorts and you inseparable for the summer.

Rip’Em Up
The distressed denim will never go old. They are super easy to do and give an amazing rugged look to your shorts. Just take blade or a cutter and rip of your shorts according to your choice just be careful while doing it.

Let the artist in you takeover just buy a couple of fabric paints and be show off your work. Outline with a pencil first before using the color and get your very own customized pair.

Embellish Them
Want to make your regular shorts to be your party shorts. Just stitch up bold embellishments like studs or chains. Will also give you all the boho feels you need for the summer.

Patch It Up
Super Simple DIY just stitch up the pockets or patch up your shorts with different material be it floral or Aztec. The pattern depends on your tastes.

Lace It Up
Adding lace or crotchet to the hem or near the pickets of the shorts give it really feminine and nice look plus it’s the best DIY if you like simplicity.

*All Images Via Pinterest.

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