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DIY Teeth Whitening Using Organic Ingredients At Home!!


A killer smile is what completes all our outfits. One thing that never really changes with trends and seasons. And beautiful pearly whites just add on to the warmth of your smile. Today we guide you how to maintain the sparkling  white of your teeth right at your house with these quick DIY tricks.

Orange Peels
These contain tons of vitamin which helps maintain the white teeth. Just rub the orange peels to your teeth before getting into bed.


Use the turmeric powder as a toothpaste just brush your teeth with it. It helps both the teeth as well as gum.


Clove Oil
Apply the oil in both gums and teeth then rub it in.It even helps reliving toothache.


Just crush the walnuts and make them into a paste rub it on your teeth and gums. With whitening their teeth they also make them stronger.


Aloe Vera
Make a toothpaste of the aloe vera gel with vegetable glycerin and a bit of baking soda. This DIY toothpaste can be used once in a day and be you secret to the amazing smile.


Cover image via Shutterstock.

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