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Dressed In Armani, Chef Vikas Khanna Creates History At Cannes 2016


"Carrying India in my heart," says Vikas Khanna as he made a historic red carpet appearance at Cannes for the screening of his documentary, Kitchens of Gratitude. Last year, Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna made history with the release of his book, Utsav: A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals, at Cannes.


And this year he is back at the prestigious film festival for the release of his first directorial venture, Kitchens of Gratitude. Dressed in an Armani suit and a Tissot watch, Khanna made culinary history for the second time as he walked down the Cannes red carpet and introduced his documentary to the world. He is the first chef, globally, to have released a book and a documentary at the film festival.

He captioned it "Here is to you all from the Red Carpet. Proud to screen #KitchensofGratitude at #Cannes2016. Heading straight to the Vatican for Sunday Brunch and then cooking at Junoon Dubai
Carrying India in my heart. Thank Youuuu for so much love. V"

Kitchens of Gratitude is a cinematic journey describing the healing and nurturing power of food. Vikas was inspired by the commitment towards peace that all the world religion promote through the concept of community kitchens and sharing of food. The documentary features prominent leaders and representatives of the world's religions - the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Pastor Craig Mayes, among others.
Here's a trailer of Kitchens Of Gratitude , watch it below

Chef Vikas Khanna is a true punjabi at heart who is very down to earth and full of life. He is adorable and super witty! He is always full of stories about his "Bebe" and life in Amritsar. Team Guiltybytes had the privilege of meeting him at an event and to capture her own Special moment with the chef!

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