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5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting A Spa!


Time-tested, traditional Spa messages not just revive a tired body but also relax a tired mind. While a spa session can undo all the stress knots in your body and make you feel pampered there are some of the things that every woman must know before heading out to a local spa for a therapy.

Some of the most opted massages are - the Classic Swedish massage, Aroma therapy massage, Thai massage, Hot stone massage, Balinese massage, Deep tissue massage and more…

#1 Before you undertake any de-stressing spa therapy, spend some time with a therapist prior to the massage to tell them about your pain area, any physical ailments or allergies etc. Basis the analysis the therapist will suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.

#2 Massages help in aiding glow to your skin. Each stroke promotes better blood circulation and helps in proper draining of body fluids. Always be vocal of the kind of strokes you want the masseur to do for a better sense of well being. Don’t shy away; just speak up even if you are required to in between the session.

#3 Always enquire about spa treatment that you will be undertaking. Enquire about the advantages, post spa precautions (if any). If you are a beginner, an Aroma Massage or a Swedish massage would be good ones to start with.

#4 Drink plenty of water before (and after) the session to avail maximum benefits of the spa and to keep yourself hydrated. Also avoid eating at least an hour before your session.

#5 Price should not influence your decision to shortlist a spa. Many people I know have the misconception that only the expensive spas provide the best service but before you take a decision, take a look at the spa menu and read some reviews online that will help you choose the best place for yourself.

Keep yourself hydrated by applying a moisturizer if your sky feels dry because of the steam bath. Last but not the least, be appreciative and thank the therapist for the service ☺

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