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Find Out How Many Bra Wears You Can Do Before You Wash!


I know you must be thinking that do you really need to read this post? Well we all wash our clothes but then do you know that there is something called as too much washing or too little washing? Well if that kind of confused you, then do check out this post. Washing your bras and intimate wear can shorten your clothes lifespan and washing after extended gaps and create bacteria that can lead to hygiene problems. So what should one really do? Well the answer is simple...

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Wash your bras after maximum of three wears. Anything more than 3 times should be considered as unhygienic even if you don't sweat as often. As for your underwear, you need to change/wash it every single day even if you are on your periods and you are using a sanitary pad. As for sports bra and swimwear, you should be washing them every single day for the sweat can bring in bacteria growth. 

Also your intimate wear needs a hand-wash and you must change it daily. The coverups and layering nightwear can be washed every one to two wears. Also, make sure to wash your PJs every two to three wears. 

Keep clean, keep beautiful!

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