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Genius:Here's How You Can Curl Your Hair Using A Pencil !​


There are so many ways to get bouncy curls, but most of them involve buying and using expensive and fancy curling irons. And since we know you love those curls but don't have the money to buy all types of expensive curling irons.  Did you ever think of using a pencil as a curling tool???


Video blogger Tani Garcha figured out a super easy way to curl your hair using a pencil and a flat iron. Take a pencil and wrap a small section of your hair around it. Then use your flat iron to heat up the pencil for a few seconds to get a perfectly curly wavy look. Like her caption says, make sure you stick to wooden pencils or you could have a major beauty malfunction on your hands.

Check out Tani's instagram video.

Watch the youtube video for the full tutorial:

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