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10 Amazing Benefits Of Almond Oil For Your Skin, Body & Hair


Almond oil is quite a popular product in every home. If you have used the oil just for your lovely manes, then you wouldn't believe how powerful almond oil is for your skin. Yes, almond oil is loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants, essential fats that can boost your skin texture and make you look youthful. Apart from that, it is even used as medicinal oil for treating a skin disorder.

Did you know that there are two types of almond oil? Sweet and bitter are two types of almond oil that are found across the globe, where sweet or pure almond oil has several skin and hair benefits, the bitter almond oil has splendid fragrance which is used in candles, scents. Today we have listed down the benefits of sweet almond oil and how you can use it in your daily skin care regime.

1. Lightens dark circles:
Applying concealer is a temporary solution for your dark circles, you can switch to almond oil and lighten your dark circles. The presence of Vitamin E in almond oil revitalizes the skin and improves the blood circulation, that helps in reducing dark circles, puffiness. Before your beauty sleep, smear few drops of almond oil under your eyes and gradually you would notice dark circles disappearing.

2. Moisturises skin:
Dry skin beauties must definitely involve almond oil in their skin care regime. Pure almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which gives a supple and hydrating skin. Also, it balances the oil levels in the body, hence you can use it as a face moisturiser.

3. Reduces signs of aging:

Who doesn't want a youthful skin forever? Almond oil has magical properties that will reverse the signs of aging. The fatty acids regenerate, repairs the skin cells and even tightens the skin, which prevents the wrinkles and dullness on the face. It locks in the moisture level in the skin, which makes the skin soft, supple and smooth. Before sleeping massage your face with almond oil and notice fine lines, wrinkles, dullness vanish within weeks.

4. Lip softener:
As it is a good emollient, it can repair chapped lips and turn them as soft as the rose. If the weather damages your lips, almond oil is at your rescue.

5. Clears acne prone face:
Oily and sensitive skin women can definitely rub almond oil on their face and bid adieu to acne and breakouts. The fatty acids of almond oil unclog the pores and dissolves the sebum that your skin produces, this prevents excessive oil on your face and reduces the occurrence of acne, zits, breakout.
6. Healthy nails:

How heartbreaking it is to see your manicured nails break! But we have got a remedy, massage your nails and cuticles with sweet almond oil and make your nails healthy. Almond oil is rich in zinc and potassium and that is why it controls nail breakage.

7. Controls hair loss:
The heating tools, pollution can definitely take a toll on your hair. Bring an end to your hair loss by massaging your scalp with almond oil. The oil is rich in magnesium, which improves the hair health. Also, the other minerals and vitamins reduce the split ends woes.

8. Exfoliator:
Have you run out of your regular scrub and are you too lazy to make a scrub, then use almond oil. It has excellent exfoliating properties that remove dirt, grime, pollutant and cleanses the skin deeply. All you need is equal parts of almond oil and sugar, rub it across your face, body and feel rejuvenated after the massage. It will remove the dead skin cells and make your skin super soft.

9. Long lashes:

Turn your eyelashes naturally dramatic with almond oil, it will enhance the growth of your lashes, nourish them and make them longer without mascara.

10. Hand and foot cream:
Cracked heels, rough palms can come to an end with almond oil. It is rich in zinc and is super absorbing that replenishes the skin and is a perfect natural lotion for hands and foot. Massage few drops of almond oil on your hand and foot and turn them soft as rose a petal.

Girls, if the almond oil is kept simply in your home, it is time to use it for beautiful skin and hair.

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