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Here's Why Honey Can Be Used To Beat Hangovers!


1 teaspoon of honey not only enhances the flavour of the food but also has great health benefits associated with it. The latest use of honey is something that every party person needs to know. Honey can help take the edge off a Sunday morning hangover and help you fight the morning nausea. 

As per SELF nutrition expert, Fructose speeds up the oxidation of alcohol in the liver. Honey is roughly equal parts glucose and fructose, so it has the potential to cause this reaction. However, studies that looked at honey’s ability to increase alcohol metabolism are using about 2 ounces of honey (8 tablespoons) per 25 grams of alcohol, which would be about 480 calories worth of honey. 

Also, If you’re getting sugar from other sources, just make sure your total sugar intake does not top 6 teaspoons.

Have a great morning ya'll!

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