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OMG! Akshay Kumar Pushes A Comedian In Anger On The Sets Of Comedy Nights Bachao


The cast of Housefull 3 had gone to the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao as a part of their promotional tour for their film. According to a report in Mid-Day, Akshay Kumar lost his temper at a comedian for insulting Jacqueline Fernandez and Lisa Haydon. 

via twitter/teamakshaykumar

The format of the show is similar to the ‘Roast‘ where comedy is done by making fun of the guests but one comedian seems to have taken things a little too far. Akshay and Riteish Deshmukh were already a little uncomfortable when jokes were being cracked on the ladies, but a remark by Comedian Siddharth Jadhav angered the usually calm Akshay. Siddharth apparently said that Lisa looked like a Kangaroo because she comes from Australia. But things heated up when he passed a racist comment on the actress, calling her a ‘Black African’. Akshay lost his temper and stood up to stop Siddharth. He apparently intended to push the comedian but it turned into a shove and Siddharth went flying on the stage in front of the audience. A source on the sets said to the publication that "Lisa and Jacqueline would have broken down had Akshay not intervened. He wanted to ask the comedians to stop making fun of the actresses much sooner and when it went out of hand, he couldn’t control himself."

Akshay got upset that the comedians were all well aware that Lisa wasn’t too well versed in Hindi and wouldn’t even understand half the lines. So, he thought it was all the more unfair that one would make fun of a person who didn’t even know the language well.

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