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Priyanka Chopra Sets Our Pulse Racing On This Magazine Cover


The Queen of Bollywood  Priyanka Chopra is now reining hearts of Hollywood as well. Lying in the pool of money, Priyanka poses like a boss for the cover of International Magazine Complex !

The black body suit donned by the actress accentuated all the right curves and she looked too hot to handle. She even wore an aqua blue dress and looked lika sexy seductress! This interview and photoshoot took place while she was shooting for Quantico, infact this happened on the sets of ABC’s show! Quite a multitasker she is!

In the interview Chopra talks about fame, success, her desire to be the next James Bond (because being a Bond girl is too mainstream) and a lot more. When asked by the magazine that she might be the next bond girl as people are really rooting for her, she had the most kickass reply she said, " I get that all the time. But fuck that—I wanna be Bond."

Reports have also suggested that PC’s co-star and friend Deepika Padukone also has her eyes set on the role. Check out her Inside pics from the shoot:

A photo posted by PCHOLIC (@priyankachoprazz) on

A photo posted by kayfabe (@krait_snap) on

As PC very rightly quotes " Success is a journey. Your have to be consistently successful to be called successful!" More power to you girl!!! Read the full interview here.

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