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The Much Awaited Baywatch Trailer Is Out But Where Is Priyanka Chopra?


With Priyanka Chopra making her mark in Hollywood and the global platform all thanks to her brilliant portrayal of an FBI agent Alex Perish in Quantico, we were already gearing up and super excited about her upcoming movie The Baywatch whose trailer is finally out but we are now left extremely disappointed.

No, not that the trailer is not good but it is Priyanks's presence or rather absence that we are talking about! PeeCee is not even there throughout the 2 minute 22 second trailer. Except for this one shot where she walks with a drink in her end. Especially when her role is that of the baddie in the film, one expected to see more of her in the trailer as well. 

And now this has left us wondering - how long will Priyanka's role be in the entire movie?

Check Out The Trailer:

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