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Whoa! Ranbir Kapoor And Katrina Kaif Give Each Other The ROYAL Ignore During Dance Rehearlsals


In this industry where breakups are normal but working together can be a task especially if the breakup isn't on a good note. Many people like Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor ended up being friends and comfortably working together . But it seems like Ranbir is finding it difficult to work side by side his ex Katrina Kaif.


The two ex-lovebirds have been strictly professional on the sets of their film Jagga Jasoos and they were recently spotted rehearsing for a dance number together. The film has been constantly delayed because of ongoing problems between the once much in love couple Ranbir-Katrina and it is now being slated to release in August this year.

As per sources : "Katrina and Ranbir have been cold-shouldering each other ever since their break-up. Especially Ranbir has been avoiding Katrina but on the sets, they behave like professionals and do their scenes together. They were practicing their steps for the song and they had to do it together. So once the rehearsals were over, Ranbir quickly moved out. Only a few minutes later, Katrina too followed suit. They are giving each other the royal ignore these days, mostly after what happened at Karan Johar's party."

Reportedly, Katrina wanted to talk to Ranbir about a patch-up but the actor was hesitant and humiliated her in front of everyone. And poor Katrina was left in tears.
Now Now Ranbir , you don't have to be so nasty!!!

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