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This Ayushman Khurana Note Is What We All Want To REALLY Tell Our Mothers This Mother's Day


Its Mother's Day today and all around the world our mother's who work effortlessly and tirelessly get to feel special and appreciated. They say a mother's job is selfless and unappreciated and of course unpaid! There can be no other like a mother. The peace in her hug and care is all that we need in our lives. Actor Ayushman Khurana penned down a beautiful note for his mom expressing exactly what we want to tell our moms too this Mother's Day! Take a look...
via DNA

"Dear Mother
I may not call you everyday but I think about you and your well being every single day. You may not be expressive as a person, you never say anything but whenever you see me your eyes well up and that explains a lot. You still give me money for good luck in that loud envelope before bidding adieu is just so nostalgic and lovable. And I was born with patience, contentment and dimples because of you. Strangely, I’ve never said these things to you.
Thank you for being you. Happy Mothers’ Day.
Ayush (Nishu)"

Adorbs, isn't it?

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