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This Is What Eating Gluten Can Actually Do To Your Skin!


Gluten is the protein we find in wheat and it acts like a glue. But recently, America has started a Gluten free movement. While there is already a debate going on whether Gluten is good or bad for our health, there is something that everyone should know about gluten's effect on yours skin. 

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Gluten is an inflammatory food that when used in our daily lives can cause irritation on the skin surface. Eczema, psoriasis, acne and rashes are all signs of irritation and that's why it always recommended to remove gluten as a part of the healing protocol. 

It also causes premature ageing and inflammation that can lead to additional oxidation in the body. Gluton is also known to cause Leaky Gut syndrome, as it creates an intestinal lining. Consumption of sensitive food like Gluten caused all skin woes.

Alternatives to Gluten are green leafy vegetables and other vegetables which provide nutrients and healthy skin. Foods that are high on Omega 3 keep the skin glowing and elastic. Consume more of fish, organic poultry and eggs vs gluten.

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