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Tricks To Apply The Perfect Eye Liner


Eyeliners give a classy and dramatic look to the eyes thereby accentuating your entire look. Knowing how to apply the perfect eyeliner would allow you to create a modern look. These tricks and tips would help you to get that perfect non smudging eyeliner that lasts long.

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Pre application
Eye-liner tend to smudge easily as our eye lids are the oiliest part of our face. So do not put any kind of eye cream before using liner. You should clean eyes with an alcohol free makeup remover and then apply little foundation to create a base. This will help the liner set better and absorb the oils throughout the day. 

Type Of Liner
Do not buy liquid eyeliners that they tend to get messy while application. It takes some practice to get that perfect line with a liquid eye-liner. Opt for Liners as per he shape of your eyes. For girls with rounder eyes best liners are the powder or gel ones. So even if they smudge they give an almond shaped contour. Fine pencils and pens are better suited for people with elongated or oval shaped eyes. If using a pencil just put it in freezer for around 30 seconds before sharpening.

Do not pull your lids while applying the liner. Instead  use a scotch tape , pat it a few times to dull the adhesive. Place the piece of tape at the corner of your eye and angle it diagonally to line up with the corner of your eyebrow. Then take a second piece of Scotch tape. Start one end near the center of your eyelid and angle it slightly to meet the second piece, keeping in mind the tilt of the tape.and then apply the liner to the skin inside of the tape. Once finished just peel off the tapes. Also remember the liner at upper part of the lid should be thicker than liner at lower part. Watch our Youtube video Liners for beginners to understand the scotch tape technique.

Make It Last Longer
Makeup can last longer through reapplication. So don't shy away from correcting or darkening the liner . Also remember to do it in front of mirror for better and darker results. You can use a blotting paper to correct the creases if they smudge.

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