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3 Tricks That Really Work To Darken Your Red Lipstick!


This is the season of rich, bold red lipstick! It is quick to apply, easy to add instant drama and can look super flattering. I have struggled with perfect red lips and over the years (and makeup usage) I have realized that only two tricks work to make the colour look intense and lips looks fuller. Check out my easy peasy lipstick hacks to get perfect pair of red lips...

1. Apply Concealer: Applying concealer on your lips beforehand will create a an even template for your lipstick. This will make sure you get the colour that you really want on your lips. Apply a concealer stick or use a brush to apply the product. 

2. To Line or Not:generally don't line my lips but when it comes to perfect red lips,  trust me you’ll want to apply the liner first to give the lip color hold and definition.

3. Make It More Intense: Apply a layer of pressed powder or your compact in between coats to make your lip color more strong. This trick will make a glossy lipstick turn matte, but don't worry, re application of the lipstick will help it stay put!

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