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5 Causes Of Under Eye Dark Circles That You Didn't Know


Nothing can ruin a perfectly good morning quite like waking up to seeing these ugly under eye circles staring back at you. No matter what you try whether its various under eye creams or concealers , nothing seems to hide them or solve the problem. We will tell you the real causes of those looming dark circles and their remedies.


#1 Dehydrated skin
Not having enough water can cause dehydration and when you’re dehydrated, the skin under the eyes looks hallow and full. The best soluton is to Hydrate. Have lots of water. Drink atleast eight glasses of water every day and your skin will look plump and firm and will be able to reflect light in a flattering way!

#2 Lack of sleep
Of course not a very surprising reason, but lack of sleep can be a big cause of under eye circles. Not getting your proper seven hours of sleep can also causes the blood vessels under the eyes to dilate, creating dark circles. Solution is very simple have a good night's sleep and avoid coffee in the evening, as it can cause sleeplessness. Its very important to adjust your lifestyle and it can make a big difference. You can also try meditation, which gives peace of mind and helps in better sleeping pattern. 

#3 Broken capillaries
Many of us don't know that breakage of capillaries caused by trauma to the skin is another BIG cause of under eye circles. And you would never believe how it is caused - By rubbing your eyes! Yes, you read it right! Nothing causes under eye circles more, especially in darker skin types, than the breakage of fragile capillaries caused by trauma to the skin by rubbing your eyes too much.The only solution to this is to keep hands off and never rough it even when removing eye makeup.

#4 Allergies
Allergies result in inflammation that expands the capillaries under the eyes thereby causing dark circles. Allergy cause the eyes to be very itchy which makes people rub their eyes quite frequently. And as explained in the previous point this causes capillary breakage. The solution would be to use a good under eye cream and refer to a doctor for treating your allergies.

#5 Hyper pigmentation
This is common cause for dark circle which happens due to deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This can be treated to by using a high quality under eye cream containing Vitamin C and Retinol (form of Vitamin A).

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