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10 Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know!


Even though we are imperfect souls, we just can't compromise on our look, can we? Looking beautiful is every girl’s wish, hence to help you all, we have come with fabulous beauty hacks that are life changing and super easy. We understand how you can run out of time or turn super lazy to even apply a coat of lip gloss. But if you want to look like the supermodel on the magazine cover, then take a look at our easy peasy beauty hacks and feel blessed. 

Hack 1: Longer Lashes:
Do fake eyelashes turn troublesome? Then after applying mascara, apply baby powder and voila, you would get longer lashes instantly.

Hack 2: Effective Lash Curler:

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Want curly lashes? Then take your lash curler and blow hot air using a hair dryer. This technique will make your lashes curling and you will look seductive effortlessly.

Hack 3: Freshen the Dying Mascara:
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Mascaras generally last only for 3 months, so if your mascara dries up after that, then you can bring the mascara back to life by adding a few drops of saline contact solution.

Hack 4: Foundation Stains:
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So did you end up staining your blouse with your makeup? Before washing your blouse, rub a blob of shaving cream on the stained area and you will notice the stains disappear.

Hack 5: Stubborn Eye Makeup:
Sometimes even a powerful makeup removal lotion doesn;t help in removing eye makeup, for such taxing times apply baby oil and remove your stubborn eye makeup.

Hack 6: The Foundation Test:
When buying foundation, never test it over your facial as your face skin isn;t similar to the rest of your body. We suggest you to try it on your neck, apply three different shades of foundation on your neck and the one which blends easily into your skin, buy that.

Hack 7: Pout Lips:
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If you want a perfect pout lip like your favorite celebrity, then just add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss and get the perfect pout for the selfies.

Hack 8: Lasting Lipstick:
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Oh, how we hate when the lipstick fades away after few hours. But you can make it last longer, after applying your lipstick hold the tissue over your lips and spread some translucent powder.

Hack 9: Triangle under eye concealer:
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Ditch the dotted concealer method and try the inverted triangle method. It is the best way to conceal all the dark circles and it even brightens your face instantly.

Hack 10: Gel Eyeliner:
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Want an intense, dramatic eye makeup, but you don;t have a gel liner? Don;t worry, you can take your kohl pencil and heat the tip of the pencil for a few seconds. And let it cool for 15 seconds, and see how your normal kohl pencil gives an intense look.

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