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3 DIY Green Tea Summer Masks For Skin!!


With the summer heat beating us down,we need to do everything possible to take care of our skin and fight the tan and acne outburst. We all know and have heard the benefits of “Green Tea”. But what’s good inside is also useful outside. The use of green tea on skin makes your face feel fresh and rejuvenated within minutes. And what more you don’t have to run to the salon to get an expensive treatment we give you super easy DIY ways you can help you do the face cleanse at your home

 Leaves Mask

The most natural way green tea can be used on the face and also the quickest way is right after you have your morning cuppa. Instead of throwing away the leaves, just dry out the water and then take a chunk of leaves on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. You will instantly feel your skin getting softer and better.

Green Tea Mask

A Handful of soaked green tea leaves mixed with a spoon of honey does wonders. Make a thick paste out of it and apply it on your face. It will bid adieu to all your pimples and outbursts for the rest of the summer season.

Ice Green Tea

We already know how ice acts as a skin coolant in summers. But if it has green tea with it, there will be double the benefits. Just make some iced green tea by pouring it in the ice tray and freeze it. You will end up with green teas ice cubes. The moment you come from outside use one on your face and your skin will forever stay hydrated.

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