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Dimpy Ganguly's Husband Shut The Haters Who Accused Her of Getting Pregnant Before Marriage!


Dimpy Ganguly gave birth to the baby girl on June 20 and she shared it on her Instagram with the sweetest caption," Our baby girl Reanna decided to come to us early with 100000 hugs 2000000 kisses and million cuddles waiting for her on 20th of June early our world up like eternal Christmas! I would like to thank all my friends and family for being with us through this journey and God almighty for blessing us and praying that He guides me on this new journey of parenthood every step of the way! Dugga! Dugga! Thank you daddypie @acidxxx for capturing this moment! Love you!" 

When Dimpy mentioned in her post  that their baby decided to come early, some of her followers started accusing her of getting pregnant before marriage. She gave birth with seven months of their marriage. Few of them also said that she can do anything for fame and money. This didn’t go well with Dimpy’s husband Rohit. He took to Instagram and posted," Stop spreading your filth around. Maybe you come from a world where a man doesn’t defend his wife when a stray dog barks at her. But unfortunately I have had the good fortune of belonging from a place where I have seen family stick together. So If you ask me who I am to interfere let me tell you you are trying to trash my wife and the mother of my daughter.”
Aww! Dimpy is one lucky girl, isn’t she?

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