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3 Hair Care Tips For Girls Who Workout!!


Working out is super essential and while it makes our skin glow and gives the body the much needed boost, it does take a toll on our hair. The sweat and humidity leave our hair completely damaged and most of the times you either end up shampooing too much or just tying them into a high bun. But hey, we are here to help you and today on the blog we have super easy hair care tips which one can use post gym!

Avoid Daily Shampooing
Yes, we understand that after a workout session we all feel the need of washing our hair but shampooing every single day dries your hair and robs your scalp from their natural oils.  So what can you do if not washing off your hair everyday, well keep a travel size dry shampoo in your gym bag as it soaks up all the unwanted sweat and oil while absorbing all the impurities. *This really works*

Right Ponytail
Make sure your ponytail is not too tight. Because if you tie your hair too tight it will just break loose your hair strands and cause friction and dryness. Opt for clips or cluthes or loose elastics that are easier on your hair.

Moisturize and Condition Daily
Sweat has salt dries out our scalp so its important to keep conditioning your hair by oiling or using a hair cream. Don’t forget to condition after shampooing.

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  1. These tips are great! It can be hard to take good care of your hair when you are constantly showering/shampooing.