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The Backstreet Boys Had A Mini Reunion At Miss USA 2016 And We Are CRYING!


Miss USA 2016 saw a lot of mega glam, incredible participants, good looking outfits and our favourite- a highlight performance by our absolute favorite '90s boy band. That's right, the Backstreet Boys had a mini-reunion at the national pageants, and just like any other 90s kid we are loosing our minds! Take a look at their photos and videos from the event..

But although they were spotted having fun with the girls on stage, it looks like the *real* party was off-stage, where they sang along with the pageant contestants to Backstreet Boys melodies. 

This video from the finale just goes to show that the Backstreet Boys are absolutely 100% timeless. Watch it and we bet that you'll be singing along...


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  1. Oh my... how many years back!