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5 Fun And Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Sangeet A Hit!


Indian weddings are incomplete without music, masti and dancing on the beats. The most awaited, fun-filled ceremony we all absolutely love is sangeet. And it is always incomplete without your masi-mama’s thumka, grandparent’s heart touching dance, and Dulha-Dulhan’s performance to remember for years. Apart from dancing you can add some pinch of spice into your sangeet ceremony with these 5 fun ways. After all it’s your day make sure you get lot of stories to tell your kids.

Karaoke night
The hot new trend must have in your sangeet is karaoke nights. Give the aunties in your house a rest, take the mike and hit the floor. It’s ok if you aren’t a good singer none of us is. Get everyone in your family to make the most of the karaoke; make sure to bring the shy relatives  together to join the fun. Take our word no one will regret getting up with a sore throat next day.

Make a skit
Why not tell your relatives how you met story with a skit. This way all your family members will be engrossed in the whole ceremony. Since it’s a skit you can add lot of songs from new Bollywood to old classic hits. Add more fun with witty comments and snippets. All and all it will be a fun-filled evening.

Turn your sangeet into Bollywood style awards night
Not into dancing much and too shy to sing. Its ok you can still have fun by turning your sangeet night into a mega award ceremony. Finally with it you can give awards from annoying aunt to family Casanova to nosy aunt. Also, remember not to hurt anyone with your awards make it a fun ceremony for all.

Musical Chair
I know it’s not a birthday party, but this activity will be a hit among your relatives. Also, it will hit the right chord and take you back to your childhood days. Add a little twist and ask your aunts to sing folks songs on dholak for the touch of uniqueness.

Skip selfies head to photo booth
We all love clicking pictures and can never get bored of it. Ask your family members to head straight to photo booth. They can have all the fun with different props arranged. Also bring the bride and groom together and make memories to cherish for life. 

Do let us know how you celebrated your sangeet ceremony? 

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