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Brides! Here Are 10 Must Have Photos That You Should Get Clicked On Your Wedding


OK! Smile! Please!

Since ages you are dreaming for this day or you recently started planning after meeting your Mr Right – either way weddings are an important lifetime affair. We plan for it from so many months, and when the day comes, it goes away with a blink of an eye. We forget the tiny little details in midst of all the chaos and running. But you can reminisce it all, through pictures that can be treasured for life. So dear brides-to-be here are 10 must have pictures in your wedding albums to show your future kids.

Click a picture of your lehenga before you slip into it
Remember when you were six and your mom bought that new dress, you showed it to almost everyone (included that aunty your mom never liked). So give your family to re-visit that moment by click a picture of your wedding outfit before you wear it. Also don’t shy away from experimenting with the shot after all the day comes only once.

Solah Shingaar
You might find it wear but it turns out to be one of the best shots in wedding album. For Indian brides the solah shingaar holds a lot of importance and you must get clicked with the maang tika to your stunning payal.

Show your girl power
You found your Mr but don’t forget your sister… Click a picture with your girl power in coordinated robes, before you all get ready. It will be a memory to cherish for your girl gangs.

Getting ready shot
The most perfect shot that can be clicked is while you are getting ready for walking down the aisle. The little butterfly dance in your stomach, nervous hands and transition from Dad’s princess to someone’s bride must be captured. After all in that series of shots all the emotions shows.

Show your hair
Once you get on stage your beautiful hair gets all covered up in the veil, so before it get a picture perfect shot from behind showing off your lovely hairstyle, the back cut of your blouse and the flowers in your head that oomph your look.

Get blessings from your family
While the brides get ready, parents are busy running around to check the preparations. In midst of all this they miss all the fun. Call them in for some photo blasts. Get their blessings shots.

The bride moment
Go on it’s your day play with your shots. Why not get a perfect bride moment shot while adjusting your dupatta. The shot will automatically turns out the best as it will show all the happiness of being a bride.

The beautiful mehendi shot
The one thing that makes the whole bridal look complete is mehendi. And no matter how many shots you have taken of it on the day before, it’s just not enough. One beautiful hand shot of it on wedding day is a must. You can also experiment with the same by showing of your choodha or the diamond in your ring.

The shoe shot
While showing off your wedding outfit, mehendi, and jewellery, but you almost forget about your feet. Don’t miss getting them clicked.

Saying a bye filled with love
The last shot you must, must and must take before you hit the aisle is walking away shot. Play with this pose instead of getting all emotion, photo bomb it by showing your fun side out.  

#WedStreetStyle team wishes you a happy and fun filled life ahead :) 

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