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5 Steps To Do An Easy Peasy Pedicure At Home In 15 Mins!!


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The summer season takes a toll on our feet and often end up making them super dry and cracked. With our super busy schedules we cant keep running to the saloon to get a pedicure regularly. But with this super easy DIY pedicure you can achieve soft feet in an instant and it will just take 15 minutes of your schedule!

Get Your feet dry and dust free. Run them under the running water and remove nail paint if you are wearing any.

The most awaited and relaxing part of the pedicure soaking up feet in the warm water. Add shampoo, some drops of oil (coconut) and hydrogen peroxide which one can get from any local chemist and let the bubble begin. A helpful tip is to add some rosewater to get fragrance as well.

Step 3
After a bit get scrub your feet with pumice stone. Especially the heels and rinse them again.

Pat dry with a towel and follow it up with a moisturizer to make them soft.

Pick up your favorite shade and paint your toenails.

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