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5 Sunscreen Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Away!


During the summers, the one thing without which it is impossible to step out the house is sunscreen. Sun protection lotions, aren't just made to protect you from the tanned skin, but it even saves you from wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer. Even though it is an essential beauty product in every girl's vanity bag, there are many of us who commit mistakes while using sunscreen. When you use the sunscreen lotion in the proper way, you are not only vanishing the signs of aging but even protecting yourself from deadly skin diseases. We care for you and that is why we bring 5 mistakes that we all often do with our sunscreen. Take a look at these and bring a change right away.

1. You forget to reapply sunscreen:
After the first application, many don't remember to wear the sunscreen again. But according to the experts and dermatologist, due to the sweat and exposure, sunscreens last only for 90 minutes and it is best to apply after an hour or two. Be it indoors or outdoors, the sun rays can equally damage your skin, so it is best to protect yourself every hour with dollops of sunscreen.

2. No sun, no sunscreen:

As the monsoon is upon you, you might leave the sunscreen behind, but did you know even if the sun's not shining, the UVA rays can still penetrate into your skin and damage your skin? Especially for a country like India, which is near the equator, the UV ray exposure is same during cloudy days as in bright sunny days. So be it any season don't forget to smear sunscreen before leaving your home. Make sure you apply sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

3. Higher the SPF more the protection:

Hey, dearies if you think that SPF 50, 70 sunscreens would give you double protection from the sun then that is a misconception. An SPF 30 would give you 96% blockage whereas SPF 50 would give 98% which means there would be only a small difference and not 100% block. So it is best to invest in a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 protection and slather it every two hours for complete protection.

4. Missing your lips:

Hey, are you wondering how your lips are getting darker? Then it is the UV radiation that is doing the damage, so girls do invest in an SPF lip balm and then apply your favorite lipstick. This way you would let your lips rosy as well as shield your lips from the sun.

5. Using the same sunscreen for years:
We advise you to switch to new sunscreen when you notice a change in color, smell or change in consistency. The sunscreen product has a particular shelf life, beyond that sunscreen wouldn't be able to be as powerful as when you bought.

Girls, don't let the rains stop you from wearing the sunscreen, always invest in a good quality sunscreen and keep yourself shielded from the scorching sun rays.  

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