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7 Easy And DIY Tips To Grow Your Nails And Take Care Of Them!


Nail art has taken the beauty world by storm. There have been so many innovations in nail art, that we are forever tempted to style our nails in the most creative way. From fury nails, 3D nail art to acrylic nail art the list of nail art is unending, but in the art of beautifying nails, we often forget that even nails need a break. Nails too need a proper care else they might turn brittle and chip off. We share easy tips that would make your nails healthy and keep nail infections away.

1. Maintain a healthy diet:
The first and foremost nail care is protein rich diet. If your diet lacks calcium, phosphorous, folic acid, protein-rich foods such as fish, nuts beans, carrot and citrus food then your nails might turn brittle and weak. Make sure you involve all healthy food into your diet, which will give a boost to your nail health.

2. Avoid Soaps or harsh detergents:

Soaps have harsh ingredients that can turn your hands dry and chip off your nails. Try using cream based hand wash that has organic ingredients which are soft to your hands. Also, while washing your dishes, clothes, gardening try wearing rubber gloves for extra protection.

3. Pamper your nails with creams and lotions:
While you spend hours in pampering your face, don't forget to pay the same attention to your nails. Keep them hydrated with hand lotions which are infused with Vitamin E and other healthy ingredients. Make sure you moisturize your cuticles and keep them healthy.

Tip: Include hand cream or cuticle cream in your night care routine for nourishing nails.

4. Let your nails breathe:

If you don't want to weaken your nail structure, then we advise you to let your nails breathe. Heavy coats of nail polish can make them dry, form white patches and even invite bacteria, fungi to your nail plate. Thus, let your nails breathe healthy air for a week and on the weekends you can style them up in stylish nail art.

5. Apply base coat or nail hardener:
Brittle nails could be for various reasons, one such is not applying the base coat. It hardens your nails and even protects your nails from being stained by the nail polish. So next time you wear your favorite nail polish don't forget to apply a base coat.

6. Massage and soak in olive oil:

A beautiful nail polish, but chipped nails is heartbreaking, so soak your nails in olive oil. Daily soak your nails in olive oil for 10 minutes and you would find your nails stronger, moisturized and nourished.

Tip: if your nails are brittle then avoid acetone based nail polish remover.

7. Take proper care of your nail tools:

Like your makeup brushes, it is important that you keep your nail tools clean and tidy else it might become the house of bacteria. Wash your metal tools with soap and then clean it with alcohol.

Now you would be clear why your nails are chipping off. Do take care of your nails for a confident and bold nail art look.

Facebook feature Image via Nailed It Nz.

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