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Your Ultimate Guide To Throwing Away Your Makeup Products!


Have you noticed that most of your favorite makeup products don't come with an expiry date? You might feel elated that you can use your makeup products, especially your favorite lipsticks life long, but the harsh truth is that after a period of time you have to discard them from your vanity bag. Ok why cosmetic companies don't print an expiry date is because makeup shelf life depends upon when the product is first open, or how you store it. Most of the products would have PAO symbol- Period After Opening symbol, which tell how long you can use your product. However, if you are unable to find the symbol, read our post and find out when it is time to get brand new cosmetics. 

1. Mascara:
Sorry girls, your favorite voluminous mascara can last only for 4 months, beyond that you would be applying heavy bacteria on your lashes which is totally unsafe. Mascaras breed bacteria which changes the smell, texture and even color of the mascara. Don't pump your mascara wand, instead dip and move the wand in a circular motion, this will prevent a host of bacteria and make it safe to use.
Tip: never add water to your mascara.

2. Eyeshadow:
If you have cream eyeshadow then it will last for 6 months, whereas powder eyeshadows have a shelf life of two years. If you notice any change in color or smell then it is time to discard your lovely eyeshadow palette. 

3. Liquid liners:
Liquid liners have a short shelf life. We know it is disappointing to hear that, but as it can easily get contaminated due to bacteria, it is safe to toss is after 4-6 months. Beyond this, there are chances you can get eye infections. 

4. Pencil eyeliners:
We want you to smile now, as pencil eyeliners can last longer than liquid liners! Pencil eyeliners, kohl pencils can last for two years. They are safer and less prone to bacteria, however if you ever get eye infection due to your pencil eyeliner, discard it instantly. Even your brow pencils will last for 2 years. 

5. Face makeup:
Liquid foundations, concealers can last for 6 months to 1 year as it can easily breed bacteria and the chances of breakouts, skin irritation are high. Whereas powders and blushes can last for 2 years because bacteria cannot grow where there is no liquid. Make sure you keep your makeup brushes and hands clean which will prevent the growth of bacteria in your makeup products. 

6. Nail polish:
Have you noticed your nail polish going gooey and sticky? Those are the signs of discarding it, don't add nail polish remover and extend its life- just toss it. Nail polish can last for 2 years and beyond that it is best to throw them off. 

7. Lipsticks and gloss:
Bacteria will breed wherever it finds water and lipsticks have hydrating properties which is easily prone to bacteria and germs. But the longest you can use your lipsticks are 2 years. Use lip brush and prevent bacteria formation on your lipsticks. 
Tip: clean your lipsticks with makeup wipes that will remove the bacteria growth.

8. Lip liner:
Lip liners can last for more than two years. Make sure you sharpen and never leave them in the open which will increase the shelf life of your lip liners. 

9. Sunscreen:
Generally they come with an expiry date, but if you are unable to find the expiry date then toss it after a year. After 1 year sunscreen will change its color, smell and texture. 

10. Skincare:
If your anti aging cream doesn't have an expiry date, finish it within 6-7 months. Skin care products easily get contaminated which can otherwise irritate your skin. Make sure you opt pump dispensers which are safe from contamination. 

Make sure you store your products in a cool and dry place, never store them in sunlight and before using your products keep your makeup brushes and hands clean. Hope the post helped you decide when to toss your makeup product. 

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