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Save These 5 Super Cute Wedding Invite Boxes For Your Wedding


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We all want everything super cute from wedding venues to menus and in midst of all the preparation, why do invites take a back seat. Ok, we are sure by now you have set up your mind on what kind of wedding invites you need for your big wedding. But wait, till you see our hottest picks, because we are sure you will change your mind seeing these super cute ideas.

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#1 The Exploding Box, People will think it's just a box, but when they will open it! *Boom*
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#2 The Birdcage Invite! It's a unique way to invite the guests.
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#3 The Scroll Invite! Say it in Royal Style
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#4 The Briefcase Invite in pretty pastel colours
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#5 The Ultimate Pagdi Invite box. For that perfect Indian Touch
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