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5 Superfoods You Should Add To Your Diet For Helathy Hair Growth


One Disney princess who has been our inspiration for long hair is Rapunzel. Don't we all secretly wish to have glossy, healthy hair worth flaunting? Just to get the perfect hair, many of us even switches shampoo brands and try everything possible to achieve our goals, but despite our desperate attempts we fail to get Rapunzel hair. Blame it the lifestyle, pollution, adulterated food and many other factors that are responsible for your bad hair. And that’s the reason we wanted to share 5 yummy foods that would nourish your hair and make them healthy.

1. Almonds:
Almonds are rich in biotin that helps in good hair growth. It even stimulates your scalp blood circulation and improves hair texture. Include these in your diet and you would see results in a month.

2. Sweet Potatoes:
Do your dry, brittle hair, or do suffer from itchy scalp? Then eat sweet potatoes, they are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene that keeps your scalp healthy and improves your hair health. Sweet potatoes even help with weight loss, so along with healthy hair, you would even get the svelte figure.

3. Flaxseeds:

These super tiny foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high iron content that is just perfect for hair growth. Eat a handful of flax seeds every morning and within weeks your hair would turn glossier, stronger and longer.
4. Eggs:
This is a magical food for your hair. It is rich in Vitamin B12, zinc, sulfur, iron, biotin, selenium that prevents hair loss, repairs the weak hair follicles and deeply nourishes hair. Include this in your diet and make your hair roots stronger and bid goodbye to hair loss.

5. Green gram:

Next time when you make your salad, include green gram (moong dal) sprouts that have minerals, vitamins, essential fats, Vitamin C which prevents hair loss and gives a healthy hair. You can even make a hair pack with lemon, boiled Moong dal and apply it over your hair for good results.

Apart from these foods, de-stress yourself and have 7-8 hours sleep and see your hair turn healthy.

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